Sundays Linen Tie-Back Top in Baby Blue


The dreamiest top for a casual day out or a night on the town. Made from a beautiful, soft, baby blue linen, this tie-back top is perfect for these warm summer months.

Fabric Content: OEKO-TEX certified 100% European Linen

About Sundays

Sundays is a sustainable slow fashion collection thoughtfully designed with the planet in mind. Each garment is mindfully designed in Miami and sewn in Mississippi. Sundays operate a made-to-order model to ensure no excess textile waste or emissions occur as a result of their production. Sundays uses natural linen fibers in all the designs, which means they’re cooling and breathable in the sun and better for your skin, as well as the planet. At Sundays, their linen is grown and processed at mills in Russia and Lithuania. All of the garments are OEKO-TEX certified and the production of the linen causes no air, noise or water pollution. Sundays linen has been tested for over 100 harmful toxins and chemicals before approving it for public use. All of our fabrics have been softened using an air process that loosens up the stiff natural fibers without affecting the fabric's durability - no chemicals are used to soften any of the fabrics.