Our Story

Meet Hunter + Lindsey, the co-founders of This Dotted Line


The Journey

This Dotted Line began as an idea to a problem needing a solution. Back in 2016, Hunter learned about the sustainable fashion movement after traveling around the world (she's been to over 50 countries!) and seeing firsthand how damaging the fashion industry can be to the lives of the makers and also the environment. Following Emma Watson as she shared incredible brands on her eco-friendly Instagram @the_press_tour, Hunter was inspired for more.

Determined to carve a space in the sustainability movement, she created the brand, "This Dotted Line," around the idea of knowing where your clothes come from and the line that connects us all through sourcing materials to manufacturing products to ending up in the homes of people around the world. Although the idea was there, the execution wasn't. Unsure of where to go next, Hunter set it aside and moved onto something else (she's a freebird like that) even though the thought was forever in the back of her mind.

Lindsey has always been passionate about her impact on the world. With a teaching degree, She believes in the motto, "question everything" and loves to live by her strongly held values. Recycling, thrifting, and pretty much anything eco-conscious has always been at the forefront of her mind. When Hunter and Lindsey met each other during a trip to Asia and the South Pacific in 2017, they quickly became friends and bonded over their common love for environmentalism and sustainable living. 

Eventually, Hunter shared her distant dream and Lindsey became the thread that connected the idea to action, bringing to life This Dotted Line. 

Our Why

Not wanting to add to the problem by creating more product, we decided to instead curate our favorite sustainable brands into a one-stop shop for all your sustainable needs. But, we don't stop there.

The business is two-fold: first, we sell these products directly on our site under the "sustainable" section. We view each piece sold as an investment, something that will last and you will cherish for a long time. But we also understand how fast the world of fashion moves and how personal styles change, so we're offering you an incentive. Step two is that within the first 3, 6, or 9 months of owning something from This Dotted Line, you can return it at anytime for a percentage off your next order.

These items will then go onto our "secondhand" section so that anyone and everyone can have the opportunity to wear clothes they love and match personal values with whatever budget needed. 

Our ethics are strong -- read about them here -- and our mission is even stronger: let's make sustainable fashion (think what your grandma used to wear) cool again!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us towards wearing, and living, more consciously!

Hunter + Lindsey