How It Works

Our goal with the Return program is to make it easier than ever to consciously dispose of your unwanted sustainably made clothing. 

We know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to try to responsibly dispose of your gently worn clothing. Between online marketplaces, brick and mortar consignment shops, and social media buy-sell-trade pages, selling your pre-loved goods can sometimes feel like taking on a part-time job.

With the This Dotted Line Return program, we eliminate all of the back and forth. Here's how it works:

  • You clean out your closet and gather up your unwanted sustainably made clothing
  • You check out our list of accepted brands and see that we take almost every one!
  • You fill out our form on the Submit a Return page
  • We send you an offer to buy your clothes from you

Once we receive your box of goodies, we will pay you up front for your items via Paypal.