To create a lifestyle brand focused on causing no unnecessary harm in the production or sales of products, using our platform to inspire and propel change in the environmental crisis, and embracing creativity and diversity in our business to do good for people and the planet.

The vision behind This Dotted Line came from a problem that needed a solution. After watching documentaries on fast fashion and doing research into the environmental crisis, we decided that being a part of the solution was the only way forward. Not wanting to add more product into the world, we came up with the idea to sell and promote the sustainable brands we already love, and give a longer life span to those pieces by creating a consignment element to our company. We partner with brands that share our ethos and core values, and hope to inspire more people, regardless of budget, to shop in a way that positively impacts the world.

It is our dream to make sustainable fashion a powerhouse in the fashion industry as a whole, to cultivate pieces that all ages and all genders can feel confident in, and to empower the makers to live successful & happy lives. We want to make our mark on the world in a positive way, and this is how we choose to do it.

We hope you'll shop with us joyfully as you know you are buying timeless pieces made with the best materials, by people who are paid living wages in ethical production facilities, and materials that don't add to the devastation of our environment, but help us rise above and make lasting change to keep our planet safe and healthy. Thank you for choosing This Dotted Line as your vehicle for good. We are so glad you're here.